Why Save God’s Children for Haiti & South FL – Save God’s Children



A dream to prove God’s ability still exists. Confident that any kind of miracles still possible by God for radical changes in Haiti and South Florida.

Areas of Intervention

Save God’s Children will be working in the entire Republic of Haiti and South Florida but its seats are in Saint-Marc, department of Artibonite / Miami, FL where activities are first started. This organization will be intervened in several sectors.

Our different deputy ministries inside “Save God's Children”:

  • Church’s ministry;
  • Prayer’s ministry;
  • Welcome members’ ministry;
  • Healing and deliverance’s ministry;
  • Visiting’s ministry;
  • Housing’s ministry;
  • Engineering’s ministry;
  • Nursing’s ministry;
  • Schools’ ministry;
  • Music’s ministry;
  • Food’s ministry;
  • Ministry of Evangelization;
  • Bible school’s ministry;
  • Save the poorest
  • Children’s ministry;
  • Ministry of talent development for children and young people;
  • Social media marketing ministry.

Contact Us

Please contact Save God’s Children’s headquarter in US

  • Address: 13780 NE North Miami, FL 33161 /
  •                   P.O Box 610566 North Miami, FL 33261
  • Email:US.bm@savegodchildren.org
  • Phones: 888-460-7772
  • Fax:

Please Contact our team in Haiti  for only people who live in Haiti  (Creole or French only)

  • Email: teamhaiti@savegodchildren.org
  • Phones: (509)-3832-9090
  • Fax

Save Good's Children, a dream, a vision, a determination to eradicate poverty.
Yes, you can trust us!