Our Story & Mission – Save God’s Children



Welcome to the internet website for “Save God’s Children”. We are so excited to meet you here today in order to inform you about us. Our story is to work in South Florida and throughout the republic of Haiti to bring souls to God but also to support and change the living conditions of the poorest. Together, with your support as our partners, sponsors, and donors, we believe that we can make it happen.

Some of our areas of intervention are:

  • Churches;
  • Food for the poorest in Haiti;
  • Disaster;
  • Handicap;
  • Elderly;
  • Children Ministry;
  • Education / schools;
  • Save the poorest in Haiti;
  • Media and Social media marketing.

In fact, such a great story to change lives the poorest in Haiti needs your total support for what has become a reality.

Our Mission:

-In general way: Save God's Children is a Christian organization whose non-profit purpose manifested by a fiery will to work in several fields of intervention through the Republic of Haiti.

Specifically, our  organizational mission is to provide children and families with the following services:

  1. Supply goods and services to poor families with children;
  2. Education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS;
  3. Emphasis on providing for basic needs by giving items such as food shelter and clothing to children;
  4. Referrals to necessary charitable resources;
  5. Educational resources and materials, individual and group tutoring session for all ages;
  6. Used computer generation hardware and software program;
  7. Provide informational resources about child hunger, neglect, abuse, illiteracy and homelessness;
  8. Extracurricular activities, i.e.., art, dance, sports, music, literary and health awareness;
  9. Parental education about caring for their child;
  10. After school program;
  11. Mentorship programs,
  12. Education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS;
  13. Develop alliances with and provide resources for children’s organizations, i.e.,, group and foster homes, social services, other;
  14. Build a modern church with international standard for Save God’s Children and help other churches to build and repair;
  15. Look for souls for Christ;
  16. Feed all the church members with a hot dish every Sunday after Church;
  17. Help young people in the church to develop their talent in music, sound and others;
  18. Implementation of security system and welcome guests;
  19. Setting up a bible school to teach the true word of God;
  20. Build modern schools around Haiti and help them to find financial support to purchase materials and pay their teachers;
  21. Build a residential center in Haiti allowing access to housing of the poorest;
  22. Use all king of social media marketing to reach people around the world in order to spread out this message.

Save Good's Children, a dream, a vision, a determination to eradicate poverty.
Yes, you can trust us!

Our Story and Mission