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Send a personal gift

For most children living in poverty, special occasions like birthdays and Christmas are just another day of hardship. Gifts are simply out of the question for many poor families. Send a personal gift “just because” or for a special occasion.

Gift giving FAQs

How do I give? How much may I give? Is there a minimum amount I may give? Our gift giving FAQs address the most common questions about giving monetary gifts to child, family or students.

Tips for mailing small gifts

Small lightweight gifts like pictures, postcards or stickers will be received with such excitement. Before you send your next letter, please review our list oftips for mailing small gifts and adding enclosures to your letter to ensure all your special items get to your sponsored child.

Make your monthly financial support go further

Signing up for auto pay is one of the greatest gifts you can give — it reduces administrative costs and allows more money to get to children in need. Choose the Payment Options and we will automatically process your contribution each month.


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