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Music Ministry

The music ministry program in the local church is vital and its impact for good or bad on a church service is immeasurable. While some may view music a simply, a form of entertainment and emotional conditioning godly music plays a much larger role in a church. In fact, there are at least seven purposes for Christ honoring music:

  • The purpose of Worship ( 2 Chronicles 29:28);
  • The purpose of Thanks (Psalm 147:7);
  • The purpose of Rejoicing (Psalm 98: 4-5);
  • The purpose of Consecration (Psalm 145: 23 / Psalm 111:1);
  • The purpose of Edification (Colossians 3:16);
  • The purpose of Evangelism (Psalm 40:3);
  • The purpose of Preservation of faith (Psalm 145:4-5).

Meanwhile, we have divided this ministry into three (3) parts to best give glory to God.

  • Musicians team;
  • Worship team;
  • Sound team

All will be there to give glory, honor, and praise to our creator “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”.

Our needs in this ministry are as follows:

  • All kind of musical instruments;
  • Fund to pay our musicians and maintain the instruments;
  • Vehicle for carrying sound devices and musicians for services out of the church.
  • Fax:

Please help the ministry of God grows and you will be blessed.

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Please help the ministry of God grows and you will be blessed.

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