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The handicaps deserve a very good treatment

Handicap Ministry

In Haiti, when a child is born with disabilities, Sometimes the family might believethat they have been cursed by evil spirits, which is why most orphanages there are filled with special-needs children abandoned by families who fear being ostracized. To discriminate the child or the person, often they give them a nickname in creole which is” Cocobai”.

“Cocobai” is the creole word used in Haiti to label those with disabilities. Unfortunately, rehabilitation services and other outlets for managing special needs children are a rare medical luxury in Haiti. With disabilities consuming 10 percent of the population, rehabilitation services are spread incredibly thin.

People don’t choose to have a disability — it can happen to anyone. Occupational therapists study patient disabilities and ask specifically, “How are their limitations preventing them from participating in the activities they want and need to do in their daily life?” We guide them through rehabilitation and provide innovative adaptations to achieve the functional independence they need to live meaningful lives. That is what Save God’s Children wants to bring to children and other handicaps in Haiti. When we reveal their capabilities, perhaps we can reduce the stigmatization they experience.

A group of people with good heart through Save God’s Children in the United States of America and in Haiti have decided to implement “Occupational Therapy program”, with our partners, donors, and sponsors we will make that dream becomes a reality to support disabilities in Haiti like other countries around the world. We see their cries, we hear their sufferings, and their humiliations. So, what are we waiting for? We clearly understood that we most represent them and act in their behalf.

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