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About Us

Founded in the United State of America by a group of servants of God. After receiving this order by God himself, they decided to found this great organization with the aim of seeking souls for God and giving social support to the poorest in South Florida and Haiti.

Our Story

Welcome to the internet website for “Save God’s Children”. We are so excited to meet you here today in order to inform you about us. Our story is to work in U.S.A. (South Florida) and throughout the Republic of Haiti to seek souls for God but also to support and change the living conditions of the poorest. Together, with your support as our partners, sponsors, and donors, we believe that we can make it happen.

Our areas of intervention are:

Education / schools

Food for the poorest


Children Ministry;

Disaster Ministry;

Elderly Ministry;

Social media marketing and others.

Save the poor

In fact, such a great story to change lives of the poorest in Haiti and South Florida needs your total support for what has become a reality.

In general way: Save God’s Children is a 501 (c)(3) Christian organization whose non-profit purpose manifested by a fiery will to work in several fields of intervention through the Republic of Haiti and South Florida.

Specifically: The mission of Save God’s Children is as follows:

Build two modern churches with international standard for Save God’s Children (Haiti & South Florida) and help other churches to build and repair;
Look for souls for Christ in South Florida and Haiti;
Feed all the churches’ members of Save God’s Children with a hot dish every Sunday after service;
Help young people in the churches to develop their talent in music, sound etc in both Countries;
Implementation of security system and welcome guests in the churches;
Setting up bible school to teach the true word of God;
Build modern schools around Haiti and help them to find economic financial to purchase materials and pay teachers and professors;
Build residential center and shelters for Save God’s Children allowing access to housing, poorest, and refugee;
Use all king of social media to reach people around the world in order to spread out this message.


We follow Jesus Christ the son of the living God. Our Work is relational, we invest wisely and focus on results. We serve our beneficiaries with humility and respect. We peruse beauty, goodness and truth.


All thing is possible for God to transform the spiritual's life of the Haitian people but also to change their living conditions.


Together we listened, we followed, and we obeyed, and surrendered to God's calling, who heard the cry of the Haitian people from the darkness and extreme poverty.


Save God's Children takes financial seriously. Your gift will be used in good condition to improve poverty and reduce poverty in Haiti and in South Florida.

Resources .

We know that for each dollar you give, you sacrifice yourself and pray God to help us improve and even eradicate extreme poverty in Haiti.

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Save Good's Children, a dream, a vision, a determination to eradicate poverty.
Yes, you can trust us!